Friday 17 October


Glasscock Center Library

Hands-on Workshops

Cushing Memorial Library, Third-Floor Workroom

Welcome to the Symposium

Cushing Memorial Library, Mayo-Thomas Room


Dean Pamela Matthews, College of Liberal Arts

Dean David Carlson, University Libraries

Mary Ann O’Farrell, English Department

Roundtable Session I

Cushing Memorial Library, Mayo-Thomas Room


Moderator: Dennis Berthold, English Department

Laura Mandell, IDHMC, “Why The Prelude Cannot be Printed”

Cait Coker, English Department, “Naked Women Collating: Some Thoughts on Homemade Publishing”

James Rosenheim, History Department, “The Many-handedness of Edmund Herbert”

Susan Stabile, English Department, “Scaffold”

Plenary Session I

Cushing Memorial Library, Mayo-Thomas Room


Chair: Todd Samuelson, University Libraries

Heather Wolfe, Folger Shakespeare Library, “Tangled Texts in Early Modern England”

Julian Waters, Waters Lettering, “Typefaces and the Influence of the Pen: The Work of Gudrun and Hermann Zapf”


Cushing Memorial Library, Mayo-Thomas Room

 Saturday 18 October

Morning Coffee

Liberal Arts and Humanities 453

Plenary Session II

Liberal Arts and Humanities 453


Chair: Margaret J.M. Ezell, English Department

Ellen Gruber Garvey, New Jersey City University, “Cut-and-Paste Pedagogy: Hand, Scissor, Pen, Scrapbook”

Vera Camden, Kent State and Case Western Reserve Universities, “’Lines of Transmission’: Alison Bechdel’s Autographics”

10:30-11:00  Break
Roundtable Session II

Liberal Arts and Humanities 453


Moderator: Nandra Perry, English Department

Amber Dunai, English Department, “Directed Devotion in Manuscripts of Nicholas Love’s Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ

Laura Estill, English Department,  “Unfinished, Unacted, Unpublished: Thomas Higgons’s Play Fragment”

Caitlin Brenner, English Department, “William Morris’s Anachronistic Book: Typography and the Manuscript”

Jennifer Wollock, English Department, “Caxton Book-Hands, Typefaces, and the Fortune of the Manuscript”

Susan Egenolf, English Department, “British Ceramic Transferware: A Bookish Trade”

Todd Samuelson, University Libraries, & Laura Mandell, IDHMC, “Held in the Hand: Type as Artefact”


Liberal Arts and Humanities 453


Tim Duguid, IDHMC, “Humanities Visualization Space: How to do Research on the Big Screen”

Roundtable Session III

Liberal Arts and Humanities 453


Moderator: Sally Robinson, English Department

David McWhirter, English Department, “The Effect of the Trace in Print and Cinema”

J. Lawrence Mitchell, English Department, “Every Word Counts: Lexical Instability and Big Data”

Katayoun Torabi, English Department,  “Mimicking the Medieval Manuscript: What OCRing Early Modern Texts Reveals about the Development and Decline of Blackletter Typeface”

Laura Perrings, English Department, “Handwritten Evidence: Facsimile Clues in Victorian Detective Fiction”

Plenary Session III

Liberal Arts and Humanities 453


Chair: Sarah Potvin, University Libraries

John Bidwell, Morgan Library & Museum, “Script in the Illustrated Books of Henri Matisse”

Keith Vincent, Boston University, “How a Hundred-Year-Old Manuscript Became a Best Seller: Some Thoughts on Natsume Soseki’s Botchan and Japanese Media History”




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